The Bible encourages us to "study to show yourselves approved." Just because you happen to be an adult does not mean you cannot continue to learn. In fact, First Baptist Church of Greater Cleveland offers various Discipleship Hour Classes for lifelong learners at one of four levels:

  • Introductory level: Most helpful to those who are new to Christianity, or who feel they lack a basic knowledge of the Bible or the tenets of the Christian faith
  • Intermediate level: For those with a basic knowledge of the Bible and experience with Christian principles
  • Advanced level: For those who want to venture deeper into Christian history, theology and biblical interpretation
  • General level: Beneficial for everyone

Classes begin again January 5, 2014 - May 2014.

In addition to the classes listed below, we also have classes on Wednesday nights, small groups, fellowship groups and covenant groups. There is a high emphasis placed on Christian education and discipleship at FBC.


You have the time this week.

Covenant Group

Lynne Liu

A covenant group is a group of individuals (no more than 12) who come together under a covenant developed by the group to pray, study and do “life” together. This class conveniently meets during discipleship hour.

NT Bible Study: "Acts"

Dr. Eddie Wills & Dr. Damian Junk

This class is intended to be an introductory class; therefore, don’t be intimidated or feel you don’t have enough Bible knowledge. Grab coffee and come hear and participate in a great discussion on God’s Word.