About Membership

We invite all people into membership who:

  • Have accepted Jesus Christ as Savior and accept His teachings as revealed in the Gospels interpreted by faith through the guidance of the Holy Spirit;
  • Offer themselves to God in personal commitment toward the realization of God's Commandments that we love God with all our mind, body and spirit, and that we love our neighbor as ourselves;
  • Agree to covenant together with other FBC members to become actively involved in the life of the church through a grateful sharing of our time, talent and treasures - and by so doing fulfill the mission of Christ.

Since we are a Baptist church, we believe that all members should follow the biblical example of baptism by immersion.

"FBC 101" Class

A 3-week orientation/membership class called "FBC 101" is offered three or four times a year.  Attending this class does not obligate you to join the church, but participation in FBC 101 is mandatory for all new members. During these classes, methods of being received into membership will be discussed. In all cases recommendation by the Deacons, with approval by the Senior Minister and FBC Council will proceed being received into membership of the church.