Tired after a hard day's work? Not looking forward to cooking dinner and washing dishes? Would you rather spend some quality time with your family and/or friends in a spiritually uplifting atmosphere that will prepare you for the days ahead?  Come on down to Primetime Wednesday!

5:45 pm   Family-style dinner in Spahr Center.  Dinner is $5/person or $15/family
6:30 pm   Classes and activities for all ages begin; 
                 Nursery care and children's and youth activities provided

New Primetime classes will begin January 8, 2014 until May 14, 2014. We have covenant groups and small groups that meet year round and we Sunday morning classes. 


We believe God's Word has the ability to comfort, uplift and direct us in our lives.

Mere Christianity

Led by Richard Freshwater

Come discover one of C.S. Lewis' classic books on the faith. The first class will be an overview of C.S. Lewis’s life, major works and how Mere Christianity came to be. Books will be available in class for purchase. 

Book of Romans

Mr. Richard Freshwater and Mrs. Martha Lant

They will be teaching from the book of Romans. Come sit in a relaxed environment after dinner and delve deeper into the Word of God. This class will wrap up November 20th BUT a class on Mere Christianity will replace it in January. 


6:30 pm — Children’s Choir will continue to learn more about instruments and music theory. We will sing a few Sundays a year in both services.

7:15 — 8:00 pm — Creative Community for children pre K through grade 4. This class will consist of 3 stations: art, literature and game playing. Volunteers are being recruited for these stations. If you are interested in become involved, we would love to have you!

Don't forget we have a farmers market on Wednesdays in the summer