Adventure Week Theme Announced:  "SonWest Roundup!"
Kids will have a rootin' tootin' good time this summer as we saddle up and head out to the colorful old west!  We'll explore the exciting stories of Moses and the Hebrews as they escape slavery in ancient Egypt - with God's powerful help.  Along the way we'll talk about God's ultimate plan, see God's ultimate power, hear about the Hebrews' ultimate rescue, learn about ultimate trust and discover God's ultimate love for us.

SonWest Roundup will be held the week of August 12-16, from 9-noon daily for children from Kindergarten through the fourth grade.  Registration forms are available here.  The cost is $20 per child ($10 if your child is enrolled in the Children's Center)  Please be aware that space is very limited in the Kindergarten class, due to the participation of our children's center.  Please check with the prior to registering Kindergarten children.  Yahoo!